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Kogan Worldwide! ~~ Kendall/Logan of Big Tme Rush

bleep blop bloop ~~ A Kendall/Logan Big Time Rush
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A comm dedicated to the pairing/relationship between Logan and Kendall on Nick's Big Time Rush!

Hello, and welcome to koganworldwide! A community dedicated to the pairing & relationship between Kendall Knight & Logan Mitchell on Nickelodeon's show, Big Time Rush! :D

Whether it be as lovers or friends, everything related to Kogan is welcome here! Post icons, fics, drabbles, picspams, graphics, chatter, and anything else! As long as Kendall/Logan is the main focus. :)


~Large graphic posts and fanfiction posts must go behind a cut! :)
~Please include info about any fic you post, including title/rating/warnings/etc. Adult fic is allowed, but please warn readers and be sure to post it behind a cut!
~Spoilers also go behind a cut.
~Please be nice and respectful to your other members!
~Although this is a Kogan comm, no bashing of other pairings are allowed. Some of us like more than one pairing, and would like to be respected for such.
~Most importantly...have fun!

Feel free to ask me, mu_333, your friendly mod, any questions you may have! No question is stupid and I would be happy to answer any you may have. :)

Enjoy the Kogan goodness!


shade_sunshine ~ Dedicated to the pairing of Jade West/Cat Valentine from Victorious!

Want to affiliate? Send me a PM! :)