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Kogan Worldwide! ~~ Kendall/Logan of Big Tme Rush
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This week's Kogan prompt is ...


Also, how about a special Holiday season prompt? It's three days until Christmas and there's plenty of time for drabbles/one-shots! :D

Holiday prompt is ...

Surprise Christmas Gift.

Stories must be 100 words or more!

Tag your posts with the following :

Prompt #2: snowstorm


Special Prompt: Surprise Christmas Gift

Have fun and Happy Holidays!
22nd-Dec-2011 04:23 am - Bad mod is bad!
So I kind of got out of the Livejournal loop for a bit and completely forgot about all my lovely comms. However, things in real life have gotten sorted out, so now I have much more time for it! Hoping to get this community up and running and full of life again! About to post a new Kogan prompt and maybe a new story I've been working on :)

Feel free to comment on this post with any suggestions as to what you'd like to see here!
17th-May-2011 01:38 am - Untitled Kogan Drabble
Title: Untitled
Genre: Gen/Romance
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100
Summary: Kendall leaves Logan's room. Kogan(Kendall/Logan).
Notes: Just a random drabble, written at one in the morning, just as the benadryl starts to kick in! :)

Here at my writing journal
16th-May-2011 05:33 pm - Prompt #1 -- Dressed Up
This week's Kogan prompt is...

Dressed Up.

Interpret this as you see fit! Fic must be atleast 100 or more words. And please use the "prompt #1: dressed up" tag when posting. :D

Have fun!
16th-May-2011 04:50 pm - Welcome / Mod Post! :D
Hello all~~!

I decided to start this comm due to the lack of Kogan love on Livejournal. :D It's small and quite empty right now, but you can expect to see...

~Drabble/Fic challenges
~Music videos
~Fan discussions
~And more!

Check out the rules(only a few!) in the userinfo, then join and jump into the Kogan love! :D
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